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Some thoughts and reflections of mine as we navigate these uncertain times. This is not intended as a prescription nor am I pretending to have it all figured out. No one has all the answers now and I certainly don’t mean to suggest that I do. This is just a collection of some of my thoughts that might be helpful, not a soapbox, just me thinking out loud.

  1. Know your data.
    If you do not have good financial information and reports, then get that fixed. Setup a consistent review process and examine the data. Just the facts, no emotion.
    What’s the score?
  2. Stand on your foundation.
    I am a person of faith and my foundation is in Christ. I am leaning and trusting like never before.
    What grounds you?
  3. Do the next right thing.
    My long-term planning went from 5 years to 5 days to 5 minutes. The future is too full of uncertainty, long term planning will tend to result in worry and over thinking. When the dust settles, we can shift back to longer term thinking.
    What’s the next right thing you can do?
  4. Try to make a difference.
    Take a look around you and see if there is a need you can meet. We started making face shields on a small scale. People were very grateful and it helped us look outward instead of always inward. It is a small thing but we feel we are helping to make a difference.
    How can you help?
  5. Find balance.
    I filled my browser with news, charts, governor reports and Facebook. I could spend my entire day bouncing from one to the other, imbalanced. Instead I began to read uplifting literature, to listen to good music and to spend time in nature, creating a sense of balance.
    How can you balance your day with things that bring you peace?
  6. Give yourself and others a break.
    Don’t sweat the small stuff and yes, some of it is still small stuff. Everything feels hyper important and critical now, however it is not. There is still small stuff.
    How can you let go and give yourself and others a break?

Well that is a few of my thoughts. Some days I get it right and some days I stumble. Some nights I sleep great and some are restless. Sometimes I am grateful and sometimes I worry. None of us have it completely together during this very uncertain time. I hope my reflections can help you in some small way. We journey together friends.

– Dave Mason, Owner