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Barn Wood Float Metals and Barn Wood Minis

25% off Barn Wood Metal Floats and Barn Wood Minis
Promo Code: BWF25

As a photographer, do you or your clients have an eye for rustic earthy tones, a love for modern aesthetics, and want to find a way to have the best of both worlds? We have the solution you are looking for: Barn Wood Metal Floats and Barn Wood Minis! These displays are the ideal fusion of reclaimed barn wood and contemporary metal prints, bringing the rustic charm of the country into any space. Plus, they are 25% off during the month of July!

The Beauty of Barn Wood

Every piece of barn wood used at McKenna tells a story. Sourced from authentic barns, the wood features natural weathering that adds depth and character. The boards typically come in shades of grey, red, and white, with each piece boasting its own unique variations in color and texture. These imperfections—like nail holes and knots—are not flaws but rather the defining features that give each piece its charm.

Fill The Wall Space With Barn Wood Metal Floats

ChromaLuxe™ metal prints mounted onto multiple pieces of reclaimed barn wood create a unique piece for any wall. Available in either a single image float or a three-image float, there are four different finishes to choose from for your metals —glossy, semi-gloss, matte, and metallic.

  • Glossy finish offers brilliant whites and high gloss, perfect for vibrant and high-contrast images. 
  • Semi-gloss finish provides a similar effect with less glare.
  • Matte finish delivers a satin-like appearance with minimal glare.
  • Metallic finish allows the metal characteristics to show through the image.

Barn Wood Minis Are Versatile 

If you’re looking for a more compact display option, our Barn Wood Minis are the perfect choice. These smaller metal prints are mounted on the same genuine barn wood, offering the  weathered charm in a size that’s perfect for desktops or smaller wall spaces. Free-standing by design, they can easily be placed on any flat surface, making them easy to move from space to space. Opt for a twine hanger to transform your Barn Wood Mini into a unique wall display,


Promo codes must be entered when the order is placed to receive the discount. Orders without the code will not be discounted. Items shipped ground. Shipping upgrades and drop ships only available at actual shipping costs. Offer expires July 31st, 2024. Only available in McKenna Easy Order and McKenna Web – not available in McKenna Sports and Events.