McKenna was founded in 1969 in Waterloo, Iowa. We have over 50 years of expertise to meet the needs of professional photographers nationwide. Over the years McKenna has become the leading professional image processing lab of the Midwest. Based in the heart of Iowa, we can offer two-day shipping and exquisite quality to professional photographers of the Midwest. Order today to find out why the best choose McKenna.

Welcome to McKenna!

Here at McKenna, we pride ourselves in offering you quality products with incredibly fast turnaround, all while giving you the best customer service possible. We are known for being innovative and quick to adapt to the ever-changing market. We have an extensive product offering and we continue building this unique offering. Our passion is meeting your needs. So, if you need something – just ask!

When you call us, you speak to a human – not a recording. Also, if you need to reach me directly, you can easily do that. Please feel free to call or email me – my contact information is below.

My family and I sincerely thank you for your business!

(McKenna’s President)
800-238-3456 Ext. 119

McKenna Lab is THE BEST!

Rated 2.00 out of 5

Their customer service is highly detail oriented and communicative – Very friendly and personable. Their Integrity Albums are the finest quality I have ever experienced. Absolutely recommend!

Allette Wellauer
Glimpses Captured

I love this lab!

Rated 2.00 out of 5

McKenna always gets my print orders out with perfection! Their Customer Service is amazing and the print quality is completely consistent. Always securely packed and never a damaged shipment. Thank you, McKenna Pro Imaging.

Phillip Colwart
Phillip Colwart Photography

McKenna is the best – hands down!

Rated 2.00 out of 5

McKenna has the best quality, service, product variety and prices in the industry! I have been using other pro printers but I am SO MUCH HAPPIER now with McKenna.

Caryn Esplin
Caryn Esplin Photography

Superb customer service!!

Rated 2.00 out of 5

I have never had such amazing service. My monitor was dying! They not only recommended a new one but Dave is driving almost 3 hours to help install and calibrate it. I’m a new customer for them and not a high volume studio yet they are treating me like I’m their ONLY customer. Sincerely appreciate the help during this busy season.

Linda Drish
Drish Photography

Customer service is the BEST!

Rated 2.00 out of 5

They have contacted me before printing an order when it was not going to be 100% perfect because I put the text too close to the edge. I have been impressed since I started ordering my metals with you guys and am constantly looking to get new products from you! Thank you!

Christine Matrangos
Images by Christine M. Photography LLC

McKenna is amazing!

Rated 2.00 out of 5

I struggled with local pro labs and I was never getting consistent work or prices. Placing several orders now through McKenna I can recommend them without any hesitation and there work is simply amazing!!!

Jon Cowling
Jon Cowling Photography

You all are the best!

Rated 2.00 out of 5

5 stars isn’t enough. Thank you so much for your stellar customer service and quality products.

Stephanie Florence

The photos came out great, I am very happy.

Rated 2.00 out of 5

I will use McKenna for all kinds of other things in the future for my gallery. I have been using another lab for years and they do not compare.

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