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Are you looking for quality education to help you grow your business? Do you want to advance your lighting, photographing, and editing skills? We can help with that! Our One-On-One Coaching and Training is a top-notch mentoring service here at McKenna.

You will receive high-quality education and advice that won’t break the bank! This service is completely FREE to you, our customer! Select your topic, pick the time, and Eric, our in-house expert, will meet with you to answer all your questions. These customized sessions will equip you with the tools and knowledge you’re looking for to take your business to the next level.

“At McKenna, my goal is to not only help you achieve better images via post-production but also via pre-production.”

Meet Eric Garcia-March

Before becoming McKenna’s photo consultant and in-house retoucher, Eric Garcia-March had been retouching photos since his days as a student at Brooks Institute of Photography in California. He received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting from Kansas City Art Institute and a Master of Studio Art from New York University. 

Throughout his 15-year professional career, as a commercial photographer and retoucher, his international client base included advertising agencies, fashion houses, editorial publications, luxury brands, and entertainment industry contacts. He worked with companies such as Austrian Airlines, BBDO, Hewlett Packard, Ogilvy and Swarovski. In 2018, Vogue featured his photos with Sukeina. Over the years, his images decorated subway tunnels, billboards, and magazines. He received accolades from the Black & White Spider Awards, International Aperture Awards, International Photography Awards and the Association of Professional Photographers – Spain.

While he loved seeing his work on display nationally and internationally, he quickly began receiving more satisfaction from helping others. Eric taught a variety of photography classes at the Image Processing and Multimedia Technology Center in Spain and post-production classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He led photo walks, conducted workshops, served on judging panels and was the chapter representative for the American Photographic Artists – New York. 

In 2019, he relocated from New York City to Iowa to be near family. After falling in love with the area, its people and the simplicity of life, he joined the McKenna family. 

When he is not helping others at McKenna, he spends his time photographing flowers, writing poetry, playing guitar and singing in his church’s choir. 

English is Eric’s native language, but he is also fluent in Spanish and Catalan.

Schedule a time to chat with Eric by selecting a category below.

Camera Support

From basic settings to advanced functions, I can help you become more familiar with your camera.


From continuous lighting and strobes to all types of light modifiers, I can help you with your lighting.

Color Calibration

From the initial capture to the final print, I can help you with your color calibration.

Data & Files

From processing your raws to archiving your files, I can help you with your data and files.

Photoshop & Editing

From automation and batching, to blending modes and templates, I can help you with it and anything in-between.

Coaching Disclaimer

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