Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up an account?

You can set up your account by visiting our sign-up page. Once your account is set up, you will receive an email with your account number. You can begin placing orders with your account number and the password you created during sign-up. For more information on getting started at McKenna, click here.

My McKenna Easy Order will not open. What should I do?

What paper types do you offer and what are the differences?

We offer three different types of photographic paper: luster, metallic, and silk. Luster is our most popular paper and is the standard in the pro market. Metallic paper has a higher gloss and metallic glimmer while silk paper has a fine texture, is fingerprint resistant, and is an excellent choice for album pages.

My address has changed. How to I change the address you have on my account?

You can update your address in one of two ways. If you are not currently placing an order, you may call customer service or use our online chat. You can also login to “My Account” using your account number and password. Once logged in, click ‘Edit Account’ then click ‘Edit account settings’ and update your information.

How do I update my credit card on account?

To update your primary credit card on file, please call into customer service at 1-800-238-3456.

Can I drop ship an order directly to my client?

Yes; we can drop ship your order to your client. This is a FedEx or Speedee ground service and is done for a $7.50 charge. Only the product will be shipped to your client and the paperwork will be emailed to you. Indicate a drop ship when completing your order. Do this on your second Check out Window titled “Ship to you by:”. When choosing this option, the next window will be for you to enter your drop ship address.

Can I order a custom sized print?

Yes, we do offer custom sized prints for both photographic and metal prints. To order this, you will take your image into Photoshop and crop it to the desired end size. You will then go to Image and Canvas size. Enter in the new canvas size as the next larger standard size. In the grid at the bottom of the box, please click on the upper left corner to anchor your image to one corner of the canvas. Then use our McKenna Easy Order to order your product. Order the image as the larger print size and mark the box for custom cut. Put the desired finished size in the box directly below this option.

Custom sized gallery wraps can also be ordered. To do so, call Customer Service and they will get a special quote for you.

What are the in-house times for products?

Most of our product in-house time is 1-2 days. All products are shipped out in no more than 4 days unless a rare inventory issue occurs.

Why does my shopping cart show a $15 charge automatically?

We have a $15 minimum order. If your order is less than $15, you will be charged the difference to make up to the $15 minimum.

How do I get an order rushed?

If you need an order rushed in-house, please request this in the notes to lab section of Easy Order. We do not charge for rushes and we will not guarantee them, but we will always try our best to accommodate any request.

What is the recommended color space?

We print in the sRGB color space.

What type of file do you require?

The accepted file type is JPEG RGB 8 bit, TIFF (although too large and quite unnecessary) and PNG files. If creating a new composite, set it up at 300 DPI.

Do you offer calibration prints?

Yes, we offer up to 10 – 8×10 prints to assist in calibration. In Easy Order, you will see a tab for calibration under the Photographic catalog. We recommend sending in images from all shooting conditions that you may encounter. These prints will be done with no corrections. Kristie, our digital specialist, will look at the images after they are printed to make sure she is not seeing any major problems. The prints will then be shipped to you so you can then compare them with what you are seeing on screen. There is no charge for the calibration prints.

Do you have any online tutorials?

Watch Videos

In addition to pre-recorded videos, we also offer complimentary one-on-one coaching and training sessions to our customers with our in-house expert Eric. These customized sessions will equip you with the tools and knowledge you’re looking for to take your business to the next level! To learn more and schedule a session today, go here.

Will you charge sales tax on my orders?

Most states require us to charge sales tax. If you are a reseller, you may be exempt. Check with your state government to find out the details.

If you are exempt, just forward your sales tax resale or exemption certificate to us. Once we have that on file, we have the authorization not to charge you sales tax. Email your certificate to

For your convenience, we have placed some states’ sales tax exemption certificate forms on our website. You may find the here.

AI Image Enhancement

What’s the difference between AI Image Enhancement and Standard Color Correction?

AI Image Enhancement uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyze your images based on the content and applies appropriate settings to adjust the exposure, hue, saturation, contrast, color, and clarity of your photos globally within the parameters set by our staff. Since these corrections are being made by a computer, the processing time is quick and more cost-effective for you, the end user.

Standard Color Correction is done by the eye of our highly trained and experienced staff giving you individualized color correction on each image.

Can I try the AI Image Enhancement before I apply it to an entire order?

Yes! You can order a 5×7 AI Image Enhancement Proof Pack for $9.50 through McKenna Web, McKenna Easy Order, or Sports and Events 2.0. You’ll receive 5-5×7’s of your original images and 5-5×7’s with the AI Image Enhancement.

Want to receive your first AI Image Enhancement Proof Pack free? Use promo AIPROOF during checkout. This promo is a one-time use promo per customer.

You can also send in your digital images, have the AI Image Enhancement applied to the image, and then electronically sent back to you through WeTransfer. This can be done by going to the “Retouch and Color Correct Only” tab in the drop-down menu of our ordering software.

How do I order AI Image Enhancement on my album order?

Most albums are ordered using flattened spreads. It is not recommended to enhance or color correct a flattened spread. So, for the best result we recommend sending us your digital images, we will have the AI Image Enhancement applied to the images, and then electronically send them back to you through WeTransfer. This can be done by going to the “AI Image Enhancement Only” tab in the drop-down menu of our ordering software.

You can then use these enhanced images to build your album spreads and submit the order to us through one of our ordering software.

Can I get a customized AI Image Enhancement profile specific to my studio?

The AI Image Enhancement parameters have been rigorously tested and analyzed by our highly trained staff to create a universal profile that works for most images. These are not parameters that can be adjusted per customer.

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