We offer three levels of retouching:  standard, extensive and artwork.



  • Charged based on number of head/faces
  • Examples of standard options are simple blemish removal, soften lines, removal of slight glasses glare, and basic stray hair removal


  • Includes more extreme instances of blemish removal and glass glare
  • More complex stray hair removal, braces removal, head/eye swaps


  • Additional file manipulation available on a per minute basis
  • 15 minute minimum
  • Estimates given if requested

Standard Retouching
Single Head$6.38
2-4 Heads$12.77
5 or More Heads$19.15
Glass Glare Per Head$6.38
Stray Hair Removal Per Head$6.38

Extensive Retouching
Glass Glare Per Head$12.77
Stray Hair Removal Per Head$12.77
Braces Removal Per Head$19.15
Head/Eye Swap$31.91
Head/Eye Swap with Manipulation$44.68

Artwork Charge
Per Minute$1.60
15 Minute Minimum$23.98
Up to $50.00 no estimate given. Estimate available upon request.

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