Gallery Wrap Clusters

Gallery Wrap Clusters are a tested and true way to get maximum impact out of any space by providing a collection of images to hang in simple yet contemporary designs.


  • 1 1/2″ museum quality stretcher bars made from knot free kiln-dried pine.
  • Standard gloss or matte finish Breathing ColorĀ® canvas helps bring out the best color rendition and longevity
  • Premium upgrade option available by adding a black paper back
Gallery Wrap Clusters
Canvas (gloss or matte)SuedePearl
Portrait Pano Small$264.87$264.87$291.35
Portrait Pano Medium$299.51$299.51$329.45
Portrait Pano Large$417.67$417.67$459.45
Family Cluster Small$182.35$182.35$200.60
Family Cluster Medium$309.69$309.69$340.67
Family Cluster Large$438.04$438.04$481.87
Three Square Small$188.46$188.46$207.33
Three Square Medium$216.99$216.99$238.69
Three Square Large$310.71$310.71$341.79
Four Square Small$240.42$240.42$264.47
Four Square Medium$305.61$305.61$336.19
Four Square Large$387.11$387.11$425.85
Two Square Pano Small$171.15$171.15$188.27
Two Square Pano Medium$201.71$201.71$221.89
Two Square Pano Large$346.36$346.36$381.01
Extended Family Small$300.52$300.52$330.59
Extended Family Medium$436.02$436.02$479.60
Extended Family Large$517.51$517.51$569.25