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Look No Further! McKenna Offers FREE Photography Coaching and Training!

Whether you’re wanting to expand your lighting, photography, and editing skills or want to become an expert on the advanced functions of your camera, we’ve got you covered! 

Our one-on-one mentoring service is led by our in-house expert Eric Garcia-March. Eric joined the McKenna family in 2022 as part of our customer service team. He has nearly two decades of experience as a professional photographer as well as a professor teaching photography in Spain and New York. 

Eric’s vast wealth of knowledge is a benefit for all McKenna customers! Eric said, “At McKenna, my goal is to not only help you achieve better images via post-production but also via pre-production.” Through our coaching and training sessions, Eric will spend a 30 minute Zoom session with you going through your questions. Need another session? No worries, sign up for another one for FREE too!

What Type of Questions Can Eric Help You With?

* This is not an extensive list. He can help with the most basic questions to the more in-depth ones.*

  • What are the best camera settings for (enter your style of photography)?
  • How do I use strobes?
  • Can you help me with color calibration?
  • Do you have any tips for processing and naming files?
  • How do I use blending modes in Photoshop?
  • How do I create actions in Photoshop?
  • Should I be using a graphics tablet?
  • What is focus stacking?
  • Do you have any tips for photography poses?
  • Can you teach me some tips for high and low key photography?
  • How do I find the sweet spot of my lens?
  • I bought a new camera, but I don’t know how to use it. Could you help me?

To learn more about Eric and to schedule a FREE mentoring session, visit our coaching and training page.