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Landscape printed on metal prints showing finishes

As the popularity of metal prints continues to grow, the word that professional photographers are looking for is “choice”. You need to be able to provide a range of options to your clients. Metal prints give you that with a variety of finishes available.

At McKenna, we offer professional quality ChromaLuxe™ metal prints. These prints are created by heat-pressing your images into the metal surface, guaranteeing not just durability but incredible visual depth and luminosity.

Here’s a quick rundown of the high-quality metal print finish options we have available.


This is the highest sheen finish we offer. It has a white base which allows for an accurate color response. This finish is a popular choice for just about any type of photography.


When prints are displayed near a window or in other heavily lit areas, toning down the glare is an option your client may desire. This finish has a white base which allows for accurate color while reducing glare and reflectivity.


For an even softer, satin-like surface, the matte finish virtually eliminates all glare. This finish also has a white base layer. A well-lit environment is great to bring out the details of an image on this surface type.


A clear base finish lets the metal shine right through, doing away with the white base. This creates a metallic look as the image intermixes with the metal. This finish has a high sheen and works well to create an industrial look and feel. The white areas of the image will appear more silver than the other finishes thus reducing the overall color accuracy.

For details on pricing and display options, please see our Metal Prints product page.