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Update June 2023: Photo Cubes Discontinued – Available While Supplies Last

Photo Cubes are one of our most popular products, especially at this time of year. They make the perfect present for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles – pretty much everyone! And with the specialized Photo Cube stand, you can showcase multiple pictures at once in a totally unique way.

Why We Love Photo Cubes

What really makes photo cubes so great are their beautiful but durable design. The cube itself is made of a sturdy ¼” hardboard, making it substantial without being too heavy. Your photos are printed on a textured canvas that adds richness and depth designed to highlight rather than detract from the image.

The finished product is an original three-dimensional canvas print that will stand out and delight your clients!

Add Sound for the Ultimate Impact

Just when you thought photo cubes couldn’t get any better, they do. In addition to regular 5” Photo Cubes, we also offer 5” Photo Sound Cubes. Each Sound Cube comes with a built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker so your clients can combine their favorite memories with their favorite music. 

Photo Sound Cubes include a one year warranty on the Bluetooth speaker and USB charging cable. 

Your Photo & Photo Sound Cube Options

Our Photo and Photo Sound Cubes have a number of options for your clients to choose from. Regular Photo Cubes are available in both 3-inch and 5-inch cubes. Sound Cubes are available in the 5-inch cube. Additionally, there are three print options to choose from: 

  • Canvas
  • Canvas with Matte Spray
  • Pearl

Order Your Cube Today 

Photo Cubes and Photo Sound Cubes are truly unique products that your clients will love, whether they purchase one for themselves or as a gift. As a reminder, Christmas is swiftly approaching, so it’s important you make place your orders as soon as possible!