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Barn Wood Mini with twine hanger.

Traditions. Mementos. Nostalgia. 

We’re heading into December with two amazing sales on our holiday favorites!  

20% Off Barn Wood Minis with promo code: BWMINI

20% Off Metal Ornaments with promo code: MTLORN

Barn Wood Minis are the ideal fusion of rustic charm and modern sophistication. Crafted with authentic reclaimed barn wood, these miniature displays are perfect for clients who appreciate the timeless appeal of barn wood with the inclusion of sleek metal prints. Each piece of barn wood showcases the natural weathering and distinctive variations in color and texture, ensuring that each piece is truly one-of-a-kind. Barn Wood Minis are free-standing, making them ideal for desktop showcasing, while the optional twine hanger provides a creative option for those seeking a unique wall display or hanging them on the Christmas tree.

Personalized Metal Ornaments are crafted from the same premium-quality metal as our vibrant Metal Prints. Elevate your clients’ holiday decor by adding a personal touch to these exquisite ornaments. Choose from a range of customization options, including images, names, dates, and heartfelt holiday messages that can be printed on both sides. Our user-friendly ordering software features designer templates for easy personalization, or unleash your creativity by uploading your own custom design. Create lasting memories with these unique and eye-catching ornaments, bringing a touch of individuality and warmth to the holiday celebrations.

Important reminder before ordering your ornaments:
Large group shots are not recommended as fine facial details may be lost when the subject matter is far away.


Excludes plastic and natural wood ornaments. Promo codes must be entered when the order is placed to receive the discount. Orders must have the code to be discounted. Product upgrades are available at cost. Items shipped ground. Shipping upgrades and drop ships are only available at actual shipping costs. Offers expire December 31st, 2023. Only available in McKenna Easy Order and McKenna Web – not available in McKenna Sports and Events.