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There is nothing worse than designing an album or magazine for a client and having it eat up your whole day. And let’s face it – you’re a photographer, not a designer, and you don’t have all day. That’s when pre-designed album and magazine templates become a must-have.

There are dozens of templates and design software options out there for professional photographers. Here are our 3 favorite album and magazine design tools!


Pexellu’s SmartAlbums make designing your albums fast and easy! Their album design software was created for photographers and features:

  • Single-Page Design
  • Tone Adjustments
  • Spread Mirroring
  • Multi-line Type Tool
  • Cloud Proofing

Pixellu also offers SmartSlides, a slideshow building software that blends photos with music to help photographers tell a story for their clients.

Fundy Designer

Fundy Designer provides photographers with the ability to design albums, wall art, cards, and magazines. Fundy’s Album Builder® is actually a template-free software that allows you to design an album in just 15 minutes!

If you choose to use Fundy for magazine design, you’ll have the option to use pre-designed (and pre-written) magazine templates or to create a custom magazine using their templates.

Unlike Pixellu, which only focuses on designing albums and slideshows, Fundy also provides its clients with sales tools, including in-person sales tools and pro enhancement tools.

Magazine Mama

Magazine Mama’s offering is right there in the name! We have worked closely with Magazine Mama over the years, and right now McKenna clients can get a free magazine template with all text included; you just have to add your branding, photos, pricing and client reviews.

When you visit Magazine Mama’s website, you’ll find a large assortment of magazine templates, as well as pre-written articles and emails to help boost your online presence. Magazine Mama differs from both Pixellu and Fundy because it does not function as a monthly subscription software. Once you purchase a template from Magazine Mama, it is yours to use indefinitely!

While we know that designing albums, brochures and magazines can be tedious, nothing beats the excitement of seeing the results of all your hard work in print. Browse the template options above or download McKenna’s Easy Order to get started today!