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Women holding graduation card

Spring is in the air and graduation season is almost upon us: Soon enough, you’ll be celebrating high school seniors and their accomplishments. To let your clients show off their favorite images from their senior year, use our all-new 2021 Graduation Card Templates!

To make card sales even easier, we’ve added them to our online ordering software. You can easily design and order grad cards right in your browser! Simply add photos to our drag-and-drop templates in McKenna Web or McKenna Easy Order and edit text to personalize each announcement.

So many paper types!

Excite your seniors with one of our exquisite paper choices.

Two-sided press print flat postcard-like cards give you the choice of:

  • Gloss: Universal paper, coated gloss and easy to write on.
  • Linen: Beautiful high-end coated paper with a traditional linen texture.
  • Felt: Uncoated textured paper for a raw feeling and a fine art look.
  • Pearl: Iridescent shimmer similar to mother-of-pearl.
  • Glitter: Unique paper seniors will love – glitter on the front with a gloss back.  Glitter paper guaranteed not to flake off.
  • Matte Soft Touch: The soft look and feel you’ve been after.

One-sided photographic print cards come in these three paper types:

  • Luster:  Standard photo paper with a luster like finish
  • Metallic: Metallic paper has mica crystals giving prints a silver-white metallic reflection effect
  • Silk:  Silk paper has a fine texture giving them a luxurious silk-like look and feel – plus fingerprint resistant

Direct Download

Planning to make your own customization? No problem at all. You can download the graduation templates in PSD format, then edit them using Adobe Photoshop.

Ready to Order?

Order your clients’ graduation photo announcement through our easy-to-use software, McKenna Web or McKenna Easy Order.

2021 Marketing Brochure 

Inspire your grad with our 2021 Graduation Card Marketing Brochure. Download the new designer template brochure, or order it directly through the Studio Marketing catalog in McKenna Web or McKenna Easy Order.