Event Products

Products and templates designed for the sport and event photographer.

Drag and drop sports templates created by award-winning designer Josh Hanna – available in McKenna Sports 2.0. Templates included are individual photos, team photos, buttons, trader cards, calendars, posters, keychains, and bag tags.


  • Sports & Events 2.0 is our newest ordering software made especially for the Sport and Event photographer
  • Leading-edge drag and drop templates or a design your own ordering option
  • Buttons, bag tags, memory mates, calendars, trader cards, and more are included in this software
  • Easy pre-package option minimizes order time for you

Event Products
Luster1 to 5051 to 100101 +
8x10 Memory Mate$2.60$2.08$1.69
8x10 Team/Group Photo$2.60$2.08$1.69
8x10 Calendar$2.60$2.08$1.69
8x10 Magazine Cover$2.60$2.08$1.69
Set of 8 Trading Cards$5.78
Set of 8 Sports Wallets$2.44$1.95$1.59
3" Sports Button$1.60
Bag Tag$4.46
Wallet Magnet$1.60$1.54$1.48
Fun Pack (Laminated Teslin)$3.83

Event Products
Metallic Paper1 to 5051 to 100100+
8x10 Memory Mate$3.13$2.50$2.04
8x10 Team/Group Photo$3.13$2.50$2.04
8x10 Calendar$3.13$2.50$2.04
8x10 Magazine Cover$3.13$2.50$2.04
Set of 8 Trading Cards$6.79
Set of 8 Sports Wallets$2.92
3" Sports Button$2.00
Bag Tag$5.59
Wallet Magnet$2.00

12x18 Sports Poster (10 MINIMUM, pricing below is per poster)
10 to 2021 to 7576 +
Gloss Card Stock - 1 Side$1.10$0.83$0.66
Gloss Card Stock - 2 Sides$1.38$1.10$0.93

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