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Wall Ruler Sticker

Wall ruler stickers help your client more efficiently choose the perfect print size for their home. It becomes as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Your client makes their decision on the images they want turned into wall art.
  2. They take the wall sticker home and place it on the wall where their print will go.
  3. They snap a picture with their phone.

Living room using wall stick on wall

You now have an image with the scaling needed for you to go into Photoshop to create room views that will show them how great various sized prints or wall groupings will look on their wall. Or check out TimeExposure’s ProSelect™ to make this process even easier.

These Wall Stickers are 2×12 inches with a ruler graphic and are printed on #80 synthetic sticker material that has a low stick adhesive. It is guaranteed not to peel off your client’s paint! They are a semi-gloss finish and come in sets of 24. Give one to each of your clients to bump up your large print sales!

We have easy drag and drop templates in McKenna Easy Order so you can add your logo and other customization to create a branded marketing piece. You will find them in our Press Print catalog.

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