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Metal Print displayed above table

Take a look at some of our unique metal print mount offerings. We have everything you need to proudly and easily display your metal prints. From stand out wall mounts and metal hangers to easel mounts and aluminum rods & rings, we have the perfect solution to showcase any image in any space. Learn more about your options below and let McKenna help make your metal print stand out!

Gallery Frame Stand Out Mount

Check out our new Gallery Frame Stand Out Mount! Custom-made and designed for and by McKenna, this new frame is lightweight, strong, and has a clean, modern look for any home or business. It is made to stand out one inch from the wall and comes with moveable sawtooth hanger attachments or a wire hanger add-on upgrade to easily hang your print.

The new mount is made with high-quality aluminum tubing to add strength and rigidity to your print in order to eliminate warping issues. At a 10% lower cost than the original, McKenna is making it easier than ever to provide your customers with a convenient, affordable product they can’t resist.

Metal Stand Out Mount

McKenna’s Metal Stand Out Mount is the perfect display option for any size metal print. This elegant wall mount will float the print either ½” or 1” from the wall and will vary in size depending on the size of the print.



Metal Post Stand Out Mount

With our Metal Post Stand Out Mount, prints appear to “float” 1” off the wall using stainless steel post caps that attach to pre-punched holes set in the four corners of a metal print. The posts are screwed into the wall, giving them an industrial feel which makes them a great option for commercial buildings and hotels.


Metal Hanger


Designed for smaller prints, McKenna’s Metal Hanger mount offers an affordable, easy to install solution to showcase metal prints. This mount is made of sturdy aluminum, which gives the print a beautiful back finish and includes clear bumpers to protect the surface of the wall.

Easel Back

Want to turn your metal print into a tabletop display? McKenna offers the perfect solution with our easel back frame! Made of sturdy aluminum, our easel back will give you the opportunity to enjoy your print for years to come.

Aluminum Rod and Rings

With McKenna’s Aluminum Rod and Rings mounting option, metal prints are hung from rings that attach to a rod to create a unique, elegant look. We will also include a monkey hook for easy installation.

As you can see, McKenna can accommodate all your metal print mounting needs. Place your order today to give your clients the mounting options they deserve to proudly display their prints in any space!