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Calibration Instructions

We want you to achieve the best color results possible. To do this, it is important to make sure your monitor is calibrated so what you see on your screen matches the print you receive from us.

Here are some steps to get you started with that process:

  1. Download our Calibration Sample Print file here.
  2. Load this image into PhotoShop or Lightroom.  
  3. Hold up the Luster Calibration Sample Print you received in your Welcome Kit to your screen.
  4. Be sure you are viewing this print in daylight balanced light, as incandescent or fluorescent lighting will not give you the accurate color of the print. If you do not have daylight balanced lighting in your studio, get as close as you can with window light at midday.

Does the print in your hand match the image on your screen in color, brightness and contrast?

If not, calibrating your monitor is necessary. Go here for an article about monitor calibration. 

We also offer 10 free calibration prints of your images in McKenna Easy Order. Open the software and navigate to the Calibration Print catalog.

For help in ordering the 10 calibration prints or general calibration assistance, contact Customer Service at 866-813-8316. We are here to help.