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Folio Box with Matted Prints and Crystal Flash Drive

By now, you’re probably familiar with McKenna’s image boxes and print display stands, a great way for your customers to store and display their favorite prints. We’re now taking things a step further with our brand-new folio boxes, matted prints, and 32 GB crystal jump drives!

Each linen folio box holds 12 matted prints, 25 standard double sided prints, or 13 thick double sided prints. The folio box is available in both 5×7 or 8×10 sizes and also includes a flash drive compartment. The box can be ordered with a custom printed flash drive, a non-printed flash drive or without a flash drive.

If offering digital images is not for you, there is an option to cover the flash drive compartment with a custom metal print. This metal print is adhered to the box and is great for names, logos, pano images, etc.

Folio Boxes Features

  • 5×7 or 8×10
  • Light gray linen or dark gray linen
  • Holds 12 matted prints, 25 standard double sided prints, 13 thick double sided prints or around 120 unmounted prints
  • White ribbon
  • Magnetic closure

Matted Prints Features

  • Silver halide photographic print permanently mounted inside of a white mat with a backer board
  • Available in luster, metallic or silk paper
  • Mat is archival acid-free
  • Spray and texture available on the prints
  • 4 x 6 White Mat for 3.5 x 5 Print; 5 x 7 White Mat for 4 x 6 Print; 8 x 10 White Mat for 5 x 7 Print

Crystal Flash Drive Features

  • 32 GB storage capacity
  • Fits perfectly in the flash drive slot in the new folio box
  • Optional logo print on the drive’s surface
  • Optional metal insert covering the flash drive slot in the box

Visit the Folio Box product page for additional information about this exciting new take on image boxes!