AI Image Enhancement

AI Image Enhancement is available and charged on a per file basis. AI Image Enhancement is an order level option meaning all the files in one order must have color correction when requested.


AI Image Enhancement is a great solution for the photographer who wants a finished processed look to their images that is both realistic and cost-effective. This image enhancement uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to analyze your images based on the content and then applies appropriate settings to your photos to achieve photo-enhanced results. AI Image Enhancement will adjust the exposure, hue, saturation, contrast, color, and clarity of your photos globally giving skin tones a natural glow and sceneries their vibrancy and pop. By adding this service to your order, it will take your images to a stunning new level.

Keep in mind, the images are looked at by a computer and not the human eye. The AI Image Enhancement parameters have been rigorously tested and analyzed by our highly trained staff. These are not parameters that can be adjusted for each customer.

There are a couple of steps you must take to ensure that you will achieve the best possible AI Image Enhancement on your images.
1. Make sure your monitor is calibrated to the lab’s standards. Learn more about calibration here.
2. Order your 5×7 AI Image Enhancement Proof Pack for $9.50 through McKenna Web, McKenna Easy Order, or Sports and Events 2.0. You’ll receive 5-5×7’s of your original images and 5-5×7’s with the AI Image Enhancement. Want to receive your first AI Image Enhancement Proof Pack free? Use promo AIPROOF during checkout. This promo is a one-time use promo per customer.
3. Have images that you’re unsure how they will do with the AI Image Enhancement? Order the AI Image Enhancement and have the files sent to you via WeTransfer for review before placing your print order.

For FAQ’s about AI Image Enhancement, click here.

AI Image Enhancement
AI Image Enhancement (Per File)$0.25
5x7 Proof Pack$9.50

We highly recommend ordering Standard Color Correction if you’re looking for an individualized color correction that is done by our highly trained staff.

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