Metal Print Clusters

Metal Print Clusters offer a contemporary alternative to a single large print. Available in a variety of size options and designs our clusters are sure to suit any home. Arrange your professional images elegantly with a beautiful metal print cluster from McKenna!


  • Available in glossy, semi-gloss, metallic, or matte finish
  • Add depth and dimension by selecting a metal hanger at 1/4″, a 1/2″ standout mount or 1″ standout mount with each print individually as well
  • Three size options available within each design layout to allow for more options depending on available wall space
Metal Print Clusters 
Portrait Pano Small$146.57
Portrait Pano Medium$213.38
Portrait Pano Large$300.32
Family Cluster Small$84.91
Family Cluster Medium 1$138.46
Family Cluster Medium 2$253.12
Family Cluster Large$415.66
Three Square Small$84.91
Three Square Medium$124.60
Three Square Large$311.76
Four Square Small$116.99
Four Square Medium$188.81
Four Square Large$264.41
Two Square Pano Small$73.24
Two Square Pano Medium$112.32
Two Square Pano Large$311.71
Extended Family Small$144.84
Extended Family Medium$288.06
Extended Family Large$476.55