Event Products

We offer an extensive line of creative products for the sports photographer.


Trader Cards
Kids love to hand out personalized trader cards.

  • Trader cards are 2.5 x 3.5 double sided cards
  • Photographic cards are two luster prints mounted back to back

Sports templates
Design your own or use our predesigned templates on McKenna Easy order.  We have templates for memory mates (team and individual photo), calendars, buttons, trader cards, sports tickets and magazine covers.

12×18 Gloss Card Stock Sports Poster
  • Minimum quantity of 10 posters

Event Products
8x10 Memory Mate$2.48$1.98$1.61
8x10 Team/Group Photo$2.48$1.98$1.61
8x10 Calendar$2.48$1.98$1.61
8x10 Magazine Cover$2.48$1.98$1.61
Set of 8 Trading Cards$5.50
Set of 8 Sports Wallets$2.32$1.86$1.51
3" Sports Button$1.52
Bag Tag$4.25
Wallet Magnet$1.52$1.47$1.41
Fun Pack (Laminated Teslin)$3.65

Event Products
Metallic PaperJan-5050-100100+
8x10 Memory Mate$2.98$2.38$1.94
8x10 Team/Group Photo$2.98$2.38$1.94
8x10 Calendar$2.98$2.38$1.94
8x10 Magazine Cover$2.98$2.38$1.94
Set of 8 Trading Cards$6.47
Set of 8 Sports Wallets$2.78
3" Sports Button$1.90
Bag Tag$5.32
Wallet Magnet$1.90

12x18 Sports Poster (1 per set)
Gloss Card Stock - 1 Side$1.05$0.79$0.63
Gloss Card Stock - 2 Sides$1.31$1.05$0.89
UV coating not available.

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