Designer Integrity Albums

Our new Designer Integrity Albums are beautifully handcrafted from cover to cover making it a wonderful book to be handed down from generation to generation. This line features new premium fabric covers with a unique twist giving you an exceptional offering clients will love. All albums are created with our state-of-the-art foreverflat page guaranteed to never warp. Wow your clients and keep your business running smoothly with our fast turnaround time – usually as quick as 3 days.


  • Designer Elite covers: bordeaux crush, champagne, concrete, crocodile rose, cowboy tool grey, driftwood, mermaid, modern lace – black, python dark coral, and rose gold
  • Designer Linen covers: coal black, grapefruit, gunmetal, key lime, lilac, oatmeal, parchment, plum, sapphire, smoke, and steel blue
  • Metal covers available in glossy, semi-gloss, metallic, or matte finish
  • ChromaLuxe™ covers are HD, high gloss images on hardboard back
  • Cameo covers available with various size cameo openings
  • State-of-the-art foreverflat page technology guaranteed not to warp
  • Deluxe album boxes available in 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 sizes
  • Spread range available: 5 to 30
Designer Elite Integrity Covers
Full Wrap
Elite $101.00$108.00$109.00$109.00$117.00$114.00$114.00$117.00
Elite Cameo$126.00$133.00$134.00$134.00$142.00$139.00N/A$142.00
Linen Cameo$81.00$88.00$89.00$89.00$97.00$94.00N/A$97.00
Back Wrap
Elite ChromaLuxe™️ Photo Cover$151.00$158.00$159.00$159.00$167.00$164.00N/A$167.00
Elite Metal Photo Cover$151.00$158.00$159.00$159.00$167.00$164.00N/A$167.00
Linen ChromaLuxe™️ Photo Cover$106.00$113.00$114.00$114.00$122.00$119.00N/A$122.00
Linen Metal Photo Cover$106.00$113.00$114.00$114.00$122.00$119.00N/A$122.00
Integrity Album Spreads 
Metallic or Silk$3.31$5.04$6.62$5.95$9.45$7.28$6.93$9.45
Deep Matte$3.59$5.46$7.16$6.49$10.65$7.89$7.51$10.65
Integrity Album Swatch Kit
Swatch Kit$25.00
Upgrade Options 
Color Correction
(per album)
Luster Spray (per album)$25.00
Texture on Luster Album Pages (per album)$15.00
Deluxe Album Box$40.00
Black Presentation Box$10.00
Black Presentation Bag$6.00
CD of Album$3.68


Designer Elite Covers

Designer Linen Covers