Barn Wood Metal Floats

Take your custom metal print to the next level with real aged barn wood. Order your print with a barn wood back featuring natural weathering, variations in color and texture, with nail holes and knots for a beautiful rustic piece of art.


  • ChromaLuxe™ metal available in four finishes. White base finishes are glossy (brilliant whites, high gloss), semi-gloss (similar to gloss, less glare), and matte (satin like, minimal glare). Clear base finish is metallic (metal shows through).
  • Because this product is authentic weathered barn wood, the coloring of barn wood will vary. The boards are generally grey, red, and/or white weathered wood – some have more color, some have less.

Barn Wood Metal Floats
Single Image Floats
8x10 Metal on 10x12 Barn Wood Back$75.60
8x12 Metal on 10x15 Barn Wood Back$77.70
11x14 Metal on 15x18 Barn Wood Back$115.50
12x18 Metal on 15x22 Barn Wood Back$120.75
16x24 Metal on 20x28 Barn Wood Back$183.75

Barn Wood Metal Floats 
Three Image Floats
3 - 5x7 Metals on 10x20 Barn Wood Back$122.85
3 - 8x12 Metals on 15x28 Barn Wood Back$158.55
8x12; 18x12; 8x12 Metals on 15x38 Barn Wood Back$194.25
Our metal comes in four finishes: glossy, semi-gloss, metallic, or matte. All are UV and scratch resistant. Both gloss and matte offers vibrant true-to-color results. The glossy has an amazing shine while the matte offers amazing depth and less reflection. The metallic finish will allow the metallic nature of the aluminum to show through in the lighter color areas of your image.

To clean your metal print, use glass cleaner and a clean rag. Due to the nature of aluminum, tiny bumps and imperfections are inevitable in the final product yet do not detract from the unique beauty of the metal print.

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